Share a Synthesis Native Video Elsewhere on Your Intranet


If you see a video in a post that you would like to insert in a wiki page (or vice versa), you may follow these steps:

  1. Hover over the video player to make the Share icon appear.Video_4.png
  2. When you click the Share icon, you will be presented with two options: share in a post or comment, or embed in a wiki page.  Video_5.png
  3. If you are interested in starting the video at the beginning, then go ahead and copy the URL or embed code. If, however, you would like to start the video at a precise point, check “Start video at” and enter the desired minute and second, then copy URL or embed code.
  4. If you are sharing the video in a post or comment, you may now paste this URL in the post or comment.
  5. If you are sharing the video in a wiki page, follow these instructions.

You might be wondering, “Can Synthesis Native Videos be shared outside our intranet?” The answer is no. Synthesis Native Video is designed to be internal only. To learn more, we invite you to check out this article.

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