Synthesis Native Video :: Edit Title and Thumbnail


After a video has completed uploading and processing, you will automatically be prompted to edit the title and thumbnail for the video. You can also find these options by editing the post or wiki page, hovering on the player, and clicking on the video setting cog.

  1. Enter the desired text in the Title box at the bottom of the modal, and click Save.
  2. You will be presented with three options for editing your thumbnail:
    • Select from stills. If you choose this option you will be presented with a series of stills to choose from. As you hover over the stills, the preview will update. Once you find the desired still, choose that option by clicking it. The still will be highlighted in blue. If this is your final selection, click Save.


    • Select from video. If you choose this option you will have the ability to play the video and select a precise frame as the thumbnail. Once you have found the frame, click Save.


    • Upload from computer. If you choose this option you will be prompted to select cover art from your computer. Once you have made your selection, the preview will update. You may then click Save.


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