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Post Analytics is a dashboard that helps you analyze the performance of your internal communications efforts.

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We have developed a series of short videos that demonstrate how to answer common analytics questions with Post Analytics.

Introduction to Post Analytics

Additional Videos

General Performance

This video covers common questions like … What percentage of employees are being reached by posts? Opening posts? Engaging with posts? How many posts per week are being published on the intranet?

Strategic Performance

This video covers common questions like … How many posts per month is our President posting? How are the posts published by our President performing? How many posts per month are being published to a particular campaign (such as #Design)? How are the posts of a particular campaign performing?

Performance of Q+A Program

This video covers common questions like … How many questions per month are being asked via our Q+A Program? How are our Q+A posts performing?

Analysis of Top-Performing Posts

This video covers common questions like … Which posts have the highest performance? What hypotheses can we start to make about what drives performance?


Who Has Access to Post Analytics?

By default, only site collection admins have access to Post Analytics. To see a list of your site collection admins, input this after your intranet url: /_layouts/15/mngsiteadmin.aspx


It is possible to give non-site collection admins access to Post Analytics. Please note that Post Analytics does show an inventory of all posts. In other words, if you have a private community, the titles of the private posts will appear in Post Analytics. Users without access to the private community will not, however, be able to view the post body. If you are interested in learning more, please contact


How to Access Post Analytics

Go to Home > Settings Cog > Site Contents > Pages. Select the page titled PostAnalytics.


Post Analytics is currently available to Continuous Release Track clients. If you are a site collection admin, and you do not see Post Analytics list in the Pages library on your Home community, it is possible that you are on the Major Release Track. Email to find out more.


Bookmarking the Post Analytics Page

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Does Post Analytics Capture Data from Web, Mobile and Email Notifications?

Yes! Post Analytics is designed to capture usage data from the web application, the mobile application and from your email notifications. We capture data from the web application and mobile application automatically, with no action on your part needed. You may need to update your global email settings in order for Post Analytics to capture data from email notifications. To learn more, we invite you to check out our knowledge base article on Ensuring Full Data Capture.


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