Post Analytics - Ensuring Full Data Capture


Post Analytics is designed to capture data from the web application, mobile application and email notifications. We capture data from the web application and mobile application automatically, with no action on your part needed.

In order for us to capture data from email notifications, however, we need to know that the email was opened. We determine e-mail opens using the same method employed by email marketing systems: we include a tiny, invisible image in the email. When the image is downloaded, the data is captured in Post Analytics.

It is worth noting that not all email clients load images by default. Your email administrator can make a global change to allow all emails from the domain to download images by default.

Here a few articles to get you started:

Most of the mobile solutions download images by default, such as Outlook Mobile iOS and Apple Mail. Individual users do have the ability to turn off this function on Apple Mail, though you may be able to manage this centrally through your Mobile Device Management solution.

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