Behind the Scenes of Synthesis Native Video Uploads


When you use Synthesis Native Video to insert a video into a post or wiki page, there are two distinct steps that occur:

  1. Video Uploading, and
  2. Video Processing

Video Uploading

You know when the video is uploading, because there is a blue progress bar that appears under the video. During this step, the video is traveling from your computer to Knowledge Architecture’s cloud storage. Please do not close the post or navigate away from the wiki page while the video is uploading.


Video Processing

Once the video is finished uploading, processing begins. During this step, the video is optimized for streaming. You are welcome to save a post as a draft or save the wiki page. You may then go about your other business on the intranet (or elsewhere), and return to the draft post or wiki page at your convenience. Please note that you can not publish a post until video processing is complete.


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