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Content Optimization is an analytics dashboard that helps you analyze the usage of your content.

We have developed a series of short videos that demonstrate how to answer common analytics questions with Content Optimization:

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Which Communities Are Most Popular?

What Is Our Most Popular Content?

Is This Content Reaching the Right Audience?

Was My Content Campaign Successful?

Who Is Using the Intranet?

How Do I Identify Underutilized Content?

Are Employees using Employee Directories and Profiles?

Are Employees using Project Directories and Profiles?

Who has access to Content Optimization?
There are two groups that have access to Content Optimization:

  1. Site Collection Admins
    1. To see a list of your site collection admins, input this after your intranet url: /_layouts/15/mngsiteadmin.aspx
    2. Example:
  2. Individuals that have been given special permissions to the Content Optimization Page
    1. If you have questions about whether you have employees whom have been given special permissions to the Content Optimization Page, please email us at

When granting or reviewing permissions, please consider that Content Optimization provides sensitive data about your intranet and its users:

  • Which communities exist on your intranet (including permissioned communities)
  • What content exists on your intranet (including permissioned content)
  • Private data about users, including what users viewed on the intranet and when they viewed it. Most of this data is harmless enough, but let me paint two scenarios where this information could be misused:
    • Scenario 1: You see that Jane Doe is looking at your pregnancy leave policy. What you do with this information, and who you share it with should be governed by your HR and management best practices.
    • Scenario 2: John Smith is hosting a training session for his team. He asks his team to do some preparatory reading on the intranet before the session. He logs onto Content Optimization and learns that everyone completed the training except Michael Scott. He publicly shames Michael at the beginning of the training.

We suggest that you review your permissions and ensure that everyone with access to Content Optimization:

  • Should indeed have access to this sensitive information, and
  • Has been trained on the do’s and don’ts of using confidential information

If you would like support reviewing your permissions structure and making changes, please contact your Client Success Manager by emailing

How to Access Content Optimization
Go to Home > Settings Cog > Site Contents > Pages. Select the page titled Content Optimization.


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