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Synthesis Search Optimization (SSO) is an Administrator's page on your Synthesis Intranet that helps you monitor and improve the performance of Synthesis Search, your Intranet's search engine.




Building Knowledge Strategies with Search Data


Synthesis Search Optimization (SSO) is found on Home, in the Pages library of Site Contents and is only accessible by Site Collection Administrators.

To access SSO, go to Home > Settings Cog > Site Contents > Pages. Here, click on the page titled Search Optimization.

You should now see your Intranet's SSO page.


Bookmark this page in whatever way works for you. Two popular options are to bookmark it in your browser or add link to it on the Left Navigation of Home.

Guides to browser bookmarking:


Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge


Guide to adding a link to the Left Navigation:


0:00 Introduction to Search Score
1:30 Introduction to Top Performing, Underperforming, and Zero Results Search Terms Results
2:00 Introduction to the Search Terms Tab
3:00 Sometimes the results are so informative that people don't have click on anything, how does that impact the term's score?
3:50 Term Detail Page and the Difference Between a Session and a Search
7:55 Introduction to Best Bets
9:30 Introduction to the Testing Tab
11:05 Introduction to Synonyms
12:25 When setting up Preferred Terms and Synonyms, does it matter which term you put on the Preferred side v. the Synonym side?
14:55 Introduction to Benchmarking
16:30 Parting Advice
17:20 In Synthesis Search Optimization, can we see who initiated the search session?

Building Knowledge Strategies with Search Data

Drew Wiberg is the Knowledge Manager for Eppstein Uhen Architects. In his KA Connect 2016 talk, below, he describes how he used Synthesis Search data to improve search outcomes for users at Eppstein Uhen Architects.

We've found his work to be a useful primer on how to put SSO data to work, and we hope you do too.

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