Deltek Vision Tool: List View


List View lets you view multiple records (i.e. all your LEED Certified projects) on a single screen. Once you have the list you want, you can edit data on multiple records quickly and export that data to Excel.

Information Managers in KA Advance tend to use List View most frequently to:

  • View the results of advanced searches in a report-like format, without having to touch the Deltek Vision reporting tool.
  • Quickly edit the same field on multiple records.

By default, Deltek Vision presents records in Detail View, which looks like this:

To change to List View, click the List View button on the upper right section of your screen.

In List View, you’ll see the record that you were viewing in Profile View displayed as a row. If you were viewing a batch of records, perhaps the results of an Advanced Search, you’ll see all the records in that batch.

You can change the fields that are listed in List View by clicking the Select Fields button in the upper right corner.

You can export your list to Excel by clicking the Projects button on the upper left of your screen, and selecting Export to Excel.

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