Deltek Vision Tool: Advanced Search


The search tool in the upper right of most Deltek Vision screens allows you to search the Info Center you are in (i.e. Projects Info Center) based on a couple of predefined fields (i.e. Project Number and Project Name).

Advanced Search builds on that basic search tool — enabling you to search other Deltek Vision fields, to layer search terms, and to save searches you use frequently.

Information Managers in KA Advance use Advanced Search most frequently to:

  • Build and save custom searches to save time for casual Deltek Vision users, as well as themselves.
  • Work more efficiently within the wealth of data available inside their Deltek Vision system.

To get to Advanced Search, click the Magnifying Glass icon to the right of the Search bar.

A dialog box labeled Project Lookup will pop-up. Here, click the Display Type drop-down list and select Advanced.

In the Search Criteria Grid, build your search using the available columns. When you have your search organized the way you like, click the Search button at the top of the dialog box.

Modify your search terms until you get the results you need. If you want more information about the records your search returns, click the Select button or the Select All button at the bottom of the dialog box.

Some searches are used over and over again by the same person or department, these searches should be saved for future use. Click the Organize button in the upper right of the Project Lookup dialog box to save your search. This will pop-up a window called Organize Options.

In the Organize Options window, click the Folder icon to designate your search as a “Personal Search” (only available to you) or a “Global Search” (available to all users).

Enter a name for your search in the Save Name field, and click Save.

To access your saved searches in the future, simply click on the Folder icon to the right of the basic search bar. Global Searches and Personal Searches will be presented here in a drop-down for you to choose from.

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