Deltek Vision Tool: Edit Code Tables


Deltek Vision comes out of the box with many standard fields and grids that effectively anticipate many of your needs. That said, some of them require a little customization to make them truly fit your firm’s data. You can customize virtually any field or grid by editing its underlying code tables.

Code tables used frequently by KA Advance members include:

  • Client Type
  • Degree – Employee Education
  • Employee License
  • Employee Role
  • Employee Skill/Discipline
  • Opportunity Stage
  • Opportunity Type
  • Description Category – Projects
  • Project Type

To view and edit a code table, click the Configuration bar in the right navigation, expand the General section, then select Code Tables.

The Code Table Maintenance page displays all code tables for all Info Centers. Scroll through the list of code tables to locate the code table you want to modify, and click it.

A dialog box that displays the values already created for that code table will pop-up.

Use the Insert and Delete buttons at the top of the page to add or remove values, then click Save to save your changes.


Here are a couple examples of fields and grids you might want to customize by editing their underlying code tables.

In the Projects Info Center there is a standard out-of-the-box field called Project Type. The data you see in that drop-down is often outdated. You can fix that by updating the Project Type code table.

In the Employees and Projects Info Center, the Employees and Projects Grids tracks all employees that have billed time to a project (or all projects that an employee has billed time to). However, that method of association often has a lot of noise. As a result, many firms find it useful to assign specific roles to employees that were part of the core project team. Unfortunately, Information Managers often find either that there are no roles available in the Roles drop-down menu, or the roles that are available don’t make much sense for their firm. You can fix this by updating the Employee Role code table.

A few words of wisdom on editing and deleting code tables:

  1. Deleting a code table value will delete it from the whole database. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure that the value is both no longer in use, and isn’t needed for future data clean up, before you actually go ahead and delete it.
  2. You can change code table values by clicking on the value in the Description column and editing it. However, this edit won’t make it all the way back to the Vision database. Therefore, you will see the old value appear in integrated products like Knowledge Architecture Synthesis and Axomic OpenAsset. Because of this limitation, our recommendation is to create a new value, migrate the old values to the new value, then delete the old value.
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