Deltek Vision Tool: Designer


The Designer tool allows you to:

  • Investigate the database names of fields and grids.
  • Arrange fields and grids in logical progressions.
  • Group fields and grids with a label. 

Designer is often used by Information Managers in KA Advance to find the database names of fields used in Vision integrations and arrange fields and grids to reflect the data entry team’s workflow.

To begin working in Designer, click the Designer icon in the lower right corner of the Deltek Vision screen you want to investigate, arrange, or add groupings on (the Designer icon is a yellow ruler on top of a blue triangle).

Investigate a Field

Once in Designer you will see fields that users see, as well as hidden fields that most users don’t see. To learn more about a field, simply click on it. (A quick comment: Be careful to click directly on the field or grid, and not on the field or grid’s label as the label itself will often have different properties.) After you click on a field, you’ll see information about that field appear on the right side of your screen in the Properties panel.

The first property shown is usually the field’s database name, though in some cases it is the field’s database label. Custom fields will nearly always appear here with the prefix, “Cust.”

Arrange Fields and Grids

To arrange content on the page, hold down the Shift key and click the field or grid, and its label, then drag them to their new location.

Moving selections from one tab to another is a two-step process:

  1. Drag your selections into the blue space to the top, left, or bottom of the page.
  2. Navigate to the tab where you’d like your selections to appear, then drag your selections from the blue space onto your chosen tab.

Group Fields

Group fields together with a labeled box by clicking the XY box button at the top of the Designer page.

The box will appear in the upper-right corner of the current page. Select it, then drag and drop it in the general area where you’d like it to go.

Resize the box to fit the fields and grids that you want grouped together, then head over to the Properties panel on the right side of your screen. In the Properties panel, enter a name for your grouping into the Caption section and click OK.

As an example, here is a completed grouping with the caption, “Synthesis.”


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