Deltek Vision Tool: Search and Replace


There are times when you need to populate a set of records with the same data. If the set of records is small, you might be able to use List View to display all the records and edit them one by one. But when the set of records is large, Search and Replace is your answer.

Information Managers in KA Advance often use Search and Replace to edit the same field for a large set of records. For example, checking the Show in Employee Directory checkbox for all active employees.

To open Search and Replace, click on the Utilities bar in the Navigation pane of your Deltek Vision screen. Expand the Advanced Utilities section, and select Search and Replace.

The Search and Replace screen looks like this:

To begin, you’ll name your search in the Description field and select the application area where you’d like the search to run from the Application Area drop-down. Next, select the records you want to update by clicking the Magnifying Glass icon on the right side of the Select Records field.

The same Employee Lookup dialog box used in Advanced Search will pop-up here to help you find and select the records you want to update. Build your search criteria and then click the Search button to execute your search. Modify your criteria as needed, and once you see the right set appear in the results section (in the bottom of the dialog box), click the Select All button.

Back in Search and Replace, select the column you want to change for these records from the Column to Update drop-down menu.

There are three methods for updating that column. You can update it:

  • With a value (i.e. Y, which is equivalent to “checked” for a checkbox).
  • From another column (i.e. with whatever is in EM.Title field).
  • With a SQL Expression (that’s a topic for another article).

Select the most appropriate Update Method from the Update Method drop-down list.

Populate the field to the right of the Update Method with your search term. Then, to execute your search and replace, click the Run button in the upper left corner.

You will be prompted to confirm that you want to make changes to your selected records with a pop-up box. Click Yes to proceed.

Once your selected fields have been updated, you’ll see the details displayed in the Update History grid on the Search and Replace page.

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