Share an Image, Document, or Link in a Post


Use the Share Something web part on Home, or on any other community, to ask questions, make announcements, and share ideas. 

NOTE: This article is for clients on the Major Release Track. If you are a Continuous Release Track client, please see the article on Adding Multiple Pieces of Media to One Post. Not sure which track you are on? Email us at

There are three basic steps to share something:

  1. Click in the Share Something web part.
  2. Add title and body text.
  3. Edit the tags, and click the Share button.

This article will show you how to enhance your post by adding an image, a document, or a link to the basic post described above.

Share an Image

  1. Click the camera button to the left of the Share button and then click Upload an image from your computer
  2. Follow the prompts to browse to the image (one that is less than 10 MB and is formatted as a .png, .jpeg, .bmp, or .tiff) on your computer and then select Open. Your original image is stored in in the database, but will be resized during upload to fit the width of the activity stream. Here is an example of an uploaded and resized image that is ready to be shared:

Share a Document

  1. Click the paperclip button to the left of the Share button and then click Select a file from a document library.
  2. The dialog box shown below will pop up. Here, expand the Home section to see a list of all the sites on your Intranet. 
  3. Locate the document you want to share by selecting the site, and then the specific library to which the document was uploaded. Once you find the document, click it. 
  4. Here is an example of a post with an attached document that is ready to be shared: 

Share a Link

  1. Add a link to a web page or video related to your post by clicking the link button to the left of the Share button. 
  2. The + add a link field will appear. Paste the link you want to share into the + add a link field. 
  3. If the link is a web page, the Intranet will scan the linked page for a title, introductory text, and images. If an image is found on the linked page, you’ll see a preview of it. If multiple images are found on the linked page, you can use the forward and backward arrows under the image to find the one you want to appear in your post. Here is an example of an attached web page link that is ready to be shared:
  4. If a link is for a video, follow the same steps 1 and 2 outlined above.
    Share Something will display the lead frame of the video with a play button. This allows users to view the video from your Intranet's activity stream, or on the host site (i.e. Here is an example of an attached video link that is ready to be shared:
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