Create, Rename, and Delete Wiki Page Libraries


Wiki Page Libraries are an easy way to create groups of semi-static web pages on your Synthesis intranet. These pages are flexible and can be configured to create a variety of solutions. 

This article will walk you through creating, renaming and deleting Wiki Page Libraries.

See the Wiki Page Features article to learn more about formatting individual wiki pages.

Create a Wiki Page Library

  1. Navigate to the community site that will be home to the Wiki Page Library. Click Setting Cog and then click Site Contents.

  2. You may see a library here called Wiki Pages. If it isn't in use, don't bother creating a new library, just use the Wiki Pages Library that is already there. If you don't see a library called Wiki Pages, or if it is being used for a different purpose, click the Add and App button towards the top of the All Site Content page.

  3. Select the Wiki Page Library from the list of different of Microsoft SharePoint library templates.

  4. On the right side of the dialog box, name your Wiki Page Library something descriptive and click Create.

  5. You should now see a link to your Wiki Page Library on the site's Site Contents page. You can Change the Left Navigation to add a link to the Wiki Page library to the Left Navigation.

  6. When you enter the library for the first time by clicking on it from Site Contents, you'll see a "Welcome to your wiki library" page. To see a full list of all the pages in this library and the add new wiki page button, delete this welcome page.

  7. To delete the "Welcome to your wiki library" page, click the Page ribbon and click the Delete Page button.

  8. You will now see something like this. Click + new Wiki page to begin building your Wiki Page Library.

Rename or Delete a Wiki Page Library 

  1. Navigate to the community site where the Wiki Page Library is located. Click Setting Cog and then click Site Contents.

  2. Click the Wiki Page Library that you want to rename.

  3. Click the Library or Page ribbon, depending on which ribbon is available to you.On the right side of the ribbon, select Library Settings.

  4. To rename a library, click List name, description and navigation. On the following dialog box, change the library's name, and click Save.

  5. To delete a library, click Delete this document library.

  6. If you have a link to the Wiki Page Library on the left navigation, you may need to edit the name or delete the link there as well. 
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