Set Up External Access


Your IT team can make your Synthesis intranet available to employees who are working outside of the office or accessing information on their iPad or tablet device by setting up external access.

Once these 3 steps below are complete, users with domain accounts will be able to login to your Synthesis intranet from outside your firewall.

  1. Make SharePoint Available
  2. Configure Internet Explorer
  3. Contact Knowledge Architecture

If you have questions about this process or need a hand, please contact us at

Step 1 - Make SharePoint Available

  1. Determine the desired Fully Qualified Domain Name for your Synthesis implementation
  2. Create an external DNS Entry for SharePoint (
  3. Create an internal DNS entry if hostname is different externally than internally
  4. Purchase / Install SSL Certificate for SharePoint (Optional)
  5. Create firewall rules to allow access to SharePoint, Ports 80 and/or 443 as desired

Step 2 - Configure Internet Explorer

Because the new SharePoint URL is loaded as a FQDN, Internet Explorer places it in the Internet Zone. By default, Internet Explorer clients do not pass Windows credentials to websites in the Internet Zone, which results in multiple credential prompts for users.

To allow users to access Synthesis without being prompted for credentials more than once, you must add the new URL to the Local Intranet Zone in Internet Explorer on each client computer accessing Synthesis internally.

Establishing a Group Policy to apply Site-to-Zone Assignments for Synthesis is the easiest way to accomplish this.

  1. Establish a new Group Policy Object or modify an existing Group Policy Object applied to all Intranet users on the domain.
  2. Browse to User Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Internet Explorer > Internet Control Panel > Security Page
  3. Open Site to Zone Assignments List.
  4. Change the setting to Enabled. Click the Show button next to Enter the zone assignments here.

  5. Enter the FQDN of the Intranet (i.e. on a new line and assign a value of 1 and Click OK.

Step 3 - Contact Knowledge Architecture

At this point Knowledge Architecture will need to make changes to Synthesis to allow it to respond to the FQDN and build links properly.

Email us when you're ready for us to update Synthesis.

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