Personalize Your Intranet Homepage


Your homepage provides you with a roll of up of posts from across your Intranet. This article will teach you how to use the All Items and Less | More features to personalize your homepage experience.

All Items

By default, the Home activity stream is set to show All Items. The All Items view is a roll up of all posts, from all public communities, across your Intranet.

I’m Following

If you only want to see conversations from topics that you are particularly interested in, change the activity stream on Home to I’m Following.

In your I’m Following stream, you’ll see:

  • Posts tagged with the Home community
  • Posts you authored, liked, or commented on
  • Posts promoted by your Intranet Champion(s)
  • Posts from tags you follow

There are three different types of tags for you to follow, or not follow, on your Intranet: community tags, hashtags, and profile tags.

Community Tags

To follow posts from communities that interest you, click the Follow button in the Stay Connected web part on the community site’s landing page.

To unfollow communities that don’t interest you, go to those communities and click the the Following button (it will read Unfollow when you hover over it).


Following posts that include a particular hashtag is a two-step process:

  1. Click on the hashtag you want to follow anywhere that hashtag appears as a hyperlink. You’ll see hyperlinked hashtags in posts, comments, and Trending Topics. 

  2. On the hashtag’s page, click the Follow button in the Stay Connected web part. 

To unfollow a particular hashtag, follow the same steps but this time click the Following button in the Stay Connected web part. 


Your company’s Projects, Employees, Contacts, Companies, and Opportunities each have a profile on the Intranet. By default, you are following any Project, Contact, Company, and Opportunity with which you are associated in Deltek Vision. 

Following additional profiles is a two-step process.

  1. Navigate to a particular Project, Employee, Contact, Company, or Opportunity profile you want to follow.

  2. On the profile page, click the Follow button in the Stay Connected web part.


Here a few ways you might navigate to an example project profile: The Devonshire Centre.

  • Click on a hyperlink to The Devonshire Centre in the body of a post, a comment, or in the post's tags section

  • Search for 'Devon' in Synthesis Search, click on the The Devonshire Centre when it appear, and then click on the link to the project's profile from the search results.

  • Find The Devonshire Centre in the Project Directory, and click on it


To unfollow posts tagged with a particular profile, follow the same steps but this time click the Following button in the Stay Connected web part.

Most Active 

The Most Active view of the stream is helpful if you’ve been away from the Intranet and want to get a snapshot of which posts your colleagues have found interesting lately.

Most Active displays all posts, filtered and sorted based on the number of comments and likes a particular post has, as well as how long ago it was authored.

Less and More

The posts presented in all three views described above (All Items, I’m Following, and Most Active) can be viewed in Less mode or More mode.

Less mode is great for scanning. It highlights the post’s title, the first two lines of the post’s body, and the post's attachment (if it has one).

Here is an example of a post in Less mode:

While in Less mode, clicking anywhere on a particular post (including on the More button in the lower right) will transition the post to More mode.

Here is the same post in More mode:

You can quickly change all items in the stream from Less to More using the Less and More buttons at the top of the stream. 

Your preference for Less or More is remembered as you navigate between sites as well as in-between sessions on the Intranet. 

  • If you select More mode on Home, you’ll also be in More mode when you navigate to the People site and when you login tomorrow morning. 
  • If, on the People site, you switch to Less mode, you’ll also be in Less mode when you navigate back to Home and when you login tomorrow morning.
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