Employee Access


Download and Login

Employees can login to Synthesis Mobile as soon as they download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

To authenticate, employees have first logged into Synthesis for SharePoint, and will use their full work email and the same domain password they use to login to Synthesis for SharePoint to login to Synthesis Mobile.

Restricted Access

Synthesis Mobile honors the security model of Synthesis for SharePoint.

If an employee has access to the Synthesis Community associated with an Entity (Employee, Projects, Companies, Contacts, or Opportunities), then they will have access to that entity in Synthesis Mobile. If they don’t have access to the community, they won’t have access to the community's entities.

Revoke an Employee's Access

To revoke an employee's access, change his password in Active Directory.

When Synthesis Mobile becomes aware that a user's password has changed (this can take up to three hours) it will force the user to reauthenticate. After ten unsuccessful authentication attempts, Synthesis Mobile will delete the local database stored on the phone.


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