Modify Community Site Permissions


Your Synthesis users will generally have the same access to all your company's Synthesis communities and resources. These permissions are set up on the Home community and roll through all your community sites via a system of permission inheritance. 

If any of your communities, pages, lists, libraries, documents, or wiki pages require unique permissions, you'll need to modify that community, page, list, library, document, or wiki page such that it stops inheriting permissions from its parent site.

Stop Inheriting Permissions

  1. Go to the permissions page for the community, page, list, library, document, or wiki page that needs unique permissions.
    • For a community: Start on the community site, click the Settings Cog and then click Site Settings. On the next page, click Site Permissions in the Users and Permissions header.
    • For a library: Go to the library and select Library Settings from the Library ribbon. Next, select Permissions for this document library under the Permissions and Management header.
    • For a list: Go to the list and select List Settings from the List ribbon. Next, select Permissions for this list under the Permissions and Management header.
    • For a document or wiki page: Go to the library the document or wiki page lives in. Next, click the ... to the right of the document or wiki page's name, click the ... in the dialog box, and then click Shared With from the drop-down.

  2. In the Permission Tools ribbon, click the Stop Inheriting Permissions button. 

  3. You may be prompted to assign groups the Approver, Contributor, and Reader permission levels on this site. If that happens, select Use an existing group for all three levels, you can leave the exact group as whatever it defaults to, and click OK at the bottom of the page. The group assignments may not be what you actually want, but you'll revisit them in a moment. 

  4. In some cases you'll be kicked back to the community site's landing page. If that happens, follow the instructions in step 1 to get back to the permissions settings that you are editing.

  5. Use the Grant Permissions, Edit User Permissions, and Remove User Permissions buttons in the Permissions Tools ribbon to modify permissions.
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