Reorder the Top Navigation


You can change the order in which your communities appear in the top navigation. This is different than, but related to, adding community sites to the top navigation. For instructions on adding community sites, follow the steps in Create a New Community Site.

Start on the Home community, click the settings cog and then click Site Settings. From here, the directions vary based on your version of SharePoint.

In SharePoint Foundations

  1. Under the Look and Feel header, select Top link bar.

  2. Here, you'll see a list of your community sites. Use the Change Order button to change their order.

In SharePoint Standard or Enterprise 

  1. Under the Look and Feel header, select Navigation.

  2. In the Navigation Editing and Sorting section you'll see your community sites listed under the Global Navigation header. Use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to change their order on your Synthesis intranet's top navigation bar.


In SharePoint Standard and Enterprise, new community sites should automatically appear in the Navigation Editing and Sorting section after the site is created.

If this is not the case, scroll up to the section titled Global Navigation and check the Show subsites checkbox, then select OK

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