Create and Modify Custom Columns


Create custom columns to organize and view your document libraries any way you want — by studio, specification section, market sector, or other variables. 

We'll write specifically about documents here, but you can apply these tools to any SharePoint library.

Add a Custom Column

  1. Click the Settings Cog, and then click Site Contents.

  2. Click the list, library, or other app to which you want to add a custom column.

  3. In the Library ribbon, click the Create Column button.

  4. In the Name and Type section of the Create Column dialog box, type the custom column's name in the "Column name:" field and use the radio buttons to choose the column type.

    Common column types for Synthesis libraries are:
    • Choice, which lets you assign each document a value from menu of options you define
    • Yes/No, which lets you assign each document a yes or no value

  5. Review the options in the Additional Column Settings section, and make changes as needed. Options in this section will vary depending on the type of column you are working with. The screen capture below shows the options for a Choice column. 

  6. Select OK.

Modify a Custom Column

  1. Click the Settings Cog, and then click Site Contents.

  2. Hover over the list, library, or other app in which you want to edit a custom column.
  3. Click the ... that appears to the right of the list, library, or other app's title, and then click Settings.

  4. In the Columns section of the Settings page, click the name of the column you want to edit.

  5. On the following screen, you will have options to change the column name, edit column settings such as the dropdown values, and delete the column.

Additional Resources
"Create, Change, and Delete a Column" from Microsoft's support team:

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