Change the Logo, Favicon, and URL


Customizing your intranet's logos, favicon, and URL can help reinforce your intranet's character and alignment with firm strategy.

Your Synthesis Intranet, Synthesis Weekly Email, and Synthesis Mobile application each have a spot for a custom logo.

We recommend using the .png file type with a transparent background; .jpg and .tiff files are also supported.

  • Synthesis Intranet -- no more than 183 pixels (w) x 40 pixels (h) -- remove padding for best results
  • Synthesis Mobile -- exactly 90 pixels (w) x 90 pixels (h)
  • Synthesis Weekly Email -- exactly 190 pixels (w) x 60 pixels (h)

To change one or more of these three logos, create the logo(s) at the specifications listed below and send them to us at We'll take care of the rest.

The favicon is the small icon that appears to the left of the URL in your browser’s address bar.

If you want your intranet's favicon to reflect your intranet’s brand, create a 16 pixel (w) x 16 pixel (h) icon, save it as an .ico, and send it to us at We'll take care of the rest.

Your intranet's default URL is the name of your SharePoint server. For example, "http://SanFranServer1."

Once you decide on your intranet’s name, you’ll change the web application’s URL to reflect this new name. An intranet named Connect, for example, might have the URL ""

  • We highly recommend purchasing an SSL certificate for your final intranet URL, this will add the "s" in your "https://"
  • If you plan to make your intranet externally accessible without VPN connection, you'll need to make the URL fully qualified. e.g.

When you are ready to change your URL, email your final URL to us at and we'll work with you to coordinate the change.

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