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Document Management Tips for SharePoint 2013 from KA Support on Vimeo.

By default, a new library shows all document titles in ascending alphabetical order. If your library is large or complex, you can adjust the view to keep the library easy to navigate.

We'll write specifically about documents here, but you can apply these tools to any SharePoint library.

Modify the View

  1. Click the settings cog and then click Site Contents.

  2. In the list of Lists, Libraries, and other Apps select the library that you want to modify. 

  3. In the Library ribbon, click the Modify View button.

  4. Here, you can add or remove columns (such as Type, Name, Modified By) from the view, define the sort order, and add grouping or filtering. 

Using Custom Columns

If you are looking for a column and not finding it, remember that you can Create and Modify Custom Columns to display additional information about your documents.

For example, you might want to organize marketing documents based on the document's "Marketing Content Type," as shown below.

You can replicate the view above in two steps:

  1. Create a custom column called Marketing Content Type that contains options for Collateral and Guidelines.
  2. Follow the steps above to get to get to the document library's All Documents view settings. Scroll down to the Group By section. There, select Marketing Content Type from the First group by the column: drop-down and change the By default option to Expanded.

Now that the custom column exists, users will be prompted to categorize documents as either Collateral, Guidelines, or Media Standards during the upload process. The uploaded and categorized documents are then automatically grouped together as shown above.

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