Add Vision Data to Profiles


The Entity Information web part allows you to display additional Vision data on profile pages. This web part is generally used on project and employee profile pages, though it can be added to any profile page.

Here is an example of an Entity Information web part that is configured for a Synthesis project profile and titled "The Basics" in the web part's configuration settings.

Add Entity Information

  1. Starting on the profile page, click the Settings Cog > Edit Page.

  2. Click the Add a Web Part button in the zone where you'd like the web part to appear. Body is usually a good location for this web part.
  3. Scroll through the web part categories on the right and select the category titled Knowledge Architecture. Click on the web part titled Entity Information, and click Add.

Configure Entity Information
Select the Settings Cog > Edit Page. Click the drop-down icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Entity Information web part and select Edit Web Part

In the Rows section of the configuration dialog box, select which rows of information this Entity Information web part will display.

  • controls the order in which rows appear. Use these drop-downs to reorder rows .
  • Value contains a list of all the standard Synthesis fields as well as any custom fields that have been mapped. Add a row by selecting a value from this drop-down; remove a row by selecting << None >> from this drop-down.
  • Title controls the word that will appear before a colon and the value (i.e. Current Status: Active).

Only populated fields will appear in Entity Information web parts. If a mapped value is missing for an individual entity (i.e. the Canal Street Studios project's Contract Date is empty in Vision), the web part will simply not display that row for that entity.

The list of fields available in the Value drop-down is documented in your Data Dictionary. If you have any questions about these fields, or would like to add fields, contact us at

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