Insert a Link in a Post


Based on your needs, you can either insert a link preview or hyperlink text. Both options are demonstrated below.

  • The first option is a link preview about the new library at Smith College.
  • The second option is hyperlinked text. Clicking on the text will take you to a webpage.


How to Insert a Link Preview

  1. Navigate to the desired webpage link.
  2. Copy the url, and paste it into the post body.
  3. The website code will dictate what title and images appear in the link preview. In some instances, the website will have several images available for the preview. To determine if this is the case, hover over the link preview.
    Insert_Link_2.png >


How to Hyperlink Text

You have two options:

  • Select the link icon from the menu, and then follow the prompts to enter both the text and the url, OR
  • Type the text in the post body, highlight the portion you want hyperlinked, and then select the link icon from the menu
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