Unsupported File Types


Files may be added to:

  • Posts
  • SharePoint lists and libraries

In both scenarios, there are some file types that are not blocked for security reasons. For a detailed list of the file types that are blocked from Synthesis Posts, see below. For a list of file types blocked from SharePoint lists and libraries, please refer to this article by Microsoft.

Unsupported File Types

File Extension File Type
.ascx ASP.NET Web User Control file
.aspx ASP.NET Extended file
.ashx ASP.NET Web handler file
 .asmx  ASP.NET Web Services source file
 .bat  Batch File
 .cmd  Windows command script
 .cpl  Control Panel extension
 .csh  Script file
 .dll   Windows dynamic-link library
 .exe Executable file
 .htr  Script file
 .json JavaScript Object Notation
 .jar  Java ARchive
 .lnk  Shortcut
 .master  ASP.NET master page
 .msi  Microsoft Windows Installer package
 .pl Perl script
 .ps1  Windows PowerShell Cmdlet file
 .ps2  Windows PowerShell Cmdlet file
 .psc1  Windows PowerShell Console file
 .psc2  Windows PowerShell Console file
 .reg  Windows Registry entries
 .scf  Window Explorer command file
 .shb  Windows shortcut
 .soap  Simple Object Access Protocol file
 .svc  Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service file
 .swf  Shockwave Flash Movie file
 .url  Uniform Resource Locator (Internet shortcut)
 .vb  Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) file
 .vbe  VBScript Encoded Script file
 .vbs  VBScript file
 .xap  Silverlight Zip file
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