Analyze the Efficacy of Content with Analytics


NOTE: This article is for clients on the Continuous Release Track. Not sure which track you are on? Email us at

Introducing Content Optimization

Content Optimization Introduction from KA Support on Vimeo.

Who has access to Content Optimization?

Only SharePoint Site Collection Administrators have access to Content Optimization by default. While it is possible to use SharePoint permissions to give a Non-Site Collection Administrator access to Content Optimization, there are some risks to be aware of: Content Optimization provides users with a full inventory of the communities and content on your intranet (even private communities/content). The user will not be able to access the private community/content, but s/he will be able to see that it exists.

How to Access Content Optimization

Go to Home > Settings Cog > Site Contents > Pages. Select the page titled Content Optimization. 

Content Optimization is currently available to Continuous Release Track clients. If you do not see Content Optimization listed in the Pages library on your Home community, it’s possible that you are on the Major Release Track client. Email to find out more.


Bookmarking the Content Optimization Page

Bookmark this page by either:

  1. Adding a bookmark to your browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari), OR
  2. Adding a link to the left navigation of your intranet

New Datepicker released November 2017

What’s changed?

  • New, built-in date ranges such as Previous Month, Previous Quarter, and YTD (Year-to-Date)
  • Custom Date Ranges

Learn how to use the new datepicker here.

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