Continuous Release Track vs. Major Release Track


Release Tracks Overview

Knowledge Architecture offers two product release tracks: Continuous Release and Major Release

  • Continuous Release Track: Clients on this track receive new web features as they are ready. What does ready mean? It means that the features have passed internal quality assurance (QA) processes and external beta testing. 

  • Major Release Track: This track involves packaging a large number of features together and releasing them all at once. In a typical year, clients on this track should expect 1-4 releases.

If you are not sure which release track you are on, or would like to change tracks, contact

Continuous Release Track Only

  • Automatically Save a Draft
  • Manually Save a Draft
  • Retrieve a Draft
  • Delete a Draft
  • Format Text in Comments
  • Insert Files in Comments
  • Insert Links in Comments
  • Move Files, Images and Links within Comments
  • Autosave Comments
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