Promote, Remove, and Edit Tags on Posts


You can promote important stream items, remove erroneous or troublesome stream items, and edit the tags on stream items from the Activity Stream.

You will find these tools in the More Actions menu under each stream item.

If you do not see these tools, it is because you are not a Site Collection Administrator. Contact your Synthesis Champions to learn more about becoming a Site Collection Administrator.

Promoting a stream item gives it greater visibility:

  • Promoted items appear at the top of the activity stream with a grey background
  • Promoted items can also push to all users inboxes via an email notification

Follow these steps to promote a stream item:

  1. From the stream item you want to promote, go to More Actions and click Promote.

  2. The dialog box shown below will pop up. From here, set the date you want the item to be removed from the top of all user's activity stream. Uncheck the e-mail notification box if you don't want your promotion to generate an all employee email. Then, click the Promote button.

  3. If you want to change the promotion period, click the Update Promotion link that now appears in the More Actions menu. 


You can remove stream items from all activity streams, effectively removing them from Synthesis, by clicking More ActionsRemove.

Edit Tags

Managing the tags on stream items is one way Synthesis administrators make sure that important content is seen by the right people. For example, if a question about Revit is posted on your intranet but is missing the #AskRevit hashtag to which your Revit super users are subscribed, you can help everyone out by adding the #AskRevit tag to the post.

To add or remove hashtags, community tags, or entity tags (e.g. employee or project) from a stream item, click More ActionsEdit Tags. In the dialog box shown below, click the X next to a tag to remove it or +Add more tags to add additional tags.


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